A personal development process that makes use of a professional methodology
to set goals in a clear way in order to achieve a purpose.

Growth, Stability and Harmony: The importance of balancing the long term
(growth) and the short term (stability) in a harmonic way.
You can achieve ambitious goals and enjoy life in harmony.

Key elements for success:

Focus on what HAS to be changed, not in
everything that CAN be changed.

The differential in this process is to FOCUS
on some points that have to be changed or
improved, not to try to change and
improve everything around you. In order
to get a significant change, it is
essential that you identify the few reasons that
rule the whole system, both in personal or in professional level.
Sometimes, you can get


People usually try to get changes without
the COLLABORATION of key individuals and
without the right RESOURCES, which results in opposition to
change and disharmony.

Define the required RESOURCES.

In every PLAN OF ACTION it is necessary to
predict the availability of all resources required
to successfully achieve your goals. The lack of some
resource in the middle of the
way may impair the progress of the plan and the reach of the goals.

Keep FOCUSED on the execution

When you try to implement your plan,
you frequently lose your FOCUS and let
distractions lead you to less important things,
which takes you to the trap of multitasking. Once
you define your focus, all actions must be
related to it. Priorities are all actions
that take you closer to your Goal. When your
priorities are clear for you, it is much easier
to avoid distractions!

Learn from EXPERIENCE.

When things don’t go as planned, sometimes you do not learn the right lessons from
EXPERIENCE and end up making the same mistakes again in the future. However, it is said that even in the
right choices you should “record” what was decisive to make things work and then find out what will the next “bottleneck” be,
allowing ongoing improvement! It avoids you to fall into the trap of regression when you get what you want,
reaching the top. (POOGI - process of ongoing improvement).