A personal development process that makes use of a professional methodology
to set goals in a clear way in order to achieve a purpose.


Words from people who lived the change

“We hired the coaching services from Marta Villagra initially to help us better control our schedule. What happened is that after few sessions we were able to reformulate the whole sales process with the aid of Marta, specifying immediate actions that were forgotten or left in second plan. Marta’s work was so important, that just after the tenth session four clients that we were prospecting became three new deals.”

(Entrepreneur of technology)

“Just after the initial coaching sessions I already improved 200%. I have never made so many sales so fast.”

(Business Executive)

“The coaching process makes me think deeply at every session. I manage to balance the situations better, think on what could have been different (or maintain what was made correctly) and program myself to act in the future, to organize and optimize my time etc. In a nutshell, I really like it. Coaching makes me reflect and this is very cool. Thanks!”

(Business Executive)

“I’ve learned to control my emotions and act toward my goals.”


“Coaching helped me create my own system, which was essential to focus on my priorities.”

(High school student applying for an American college)

“I’ve learned the habit to prepare myself and that made me change my image.”

(Vice President of an organization)

“The process helped me make an important decision with confidence and helped me be confident to open my own business without affecting my family life.”

(Mother and professional)

“With coaching sessions, I was able to quickly change my attitudes in order to improve my business goals, but the program also improved my relationship with my wife.”

(Partner of a family company)

“These last months I joined a professional coaching program conducted by Marta. It was a very interesting process with practical results for me. As if she had a magnifying glass, she analyzed small details of my professional actions in an objective way. After this work developed by Marta, I found out that some actions that were only details for me were actually big obstacles for my professional growth. Marta is very ethical, dedicated, driven and focused. My professional performance is consequently now a high quality one.”

(Operational Manager)

"I wanted to give some good words about Jenny*. I guess that you are well familiar with the fact that she is fantastic, but I wanted to strengthen it. Jenny is very helpful, kind and with high service level. She is very proactive, thinking about things in advance and doing everything to help with a lot of modesty. She is not just complete the task, but also thinks about what is missing and how she can give more value. Besides the ongoing operation in which she helps us a lot (hotels, taxis, fast sleep), she is also very helpful in the material translation for Cia. She has come to a level of understanding that she review the document and also correct some mistakes that she finds and this is extremely important when we pass this material to the guys in Cia. To make long story short, I find her a very valuable member, so besides all the thanks that I am giving to her, I wanted to share my feelings with you as well."

Jenny (Feedback given by the international CEO to the Brazilian CEO of the same company months after the process)